Ceramic Classes

Ceramic Classes at Choplet

“Your studio changes people’s lives!! Magic happens at Choplet studio every day.” – Tara D.

Choplet Ceramic Studio offers ceramic classes and clay studio space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in NYC. Choplet Ceramic School and Studio is home to 2600 square foot dedicated to the art of clay in all its form and welcomes newcomers to pottery and ceramic art as well as professional artists: 23 electric wheels, a kick wheel, hand building tables, 2 extruders, 2 slab rollers, a glazing spray booth, a drying closet, 5 kilns and an amazing garden are some of the amenities the studio has to offer! Our inventory consists of: 8 clay bodies, 2 casting slips, 40 – 50 glazes, various colored engobes and pottery plaster. Our goal is to inspire creativity, foster self-discovery, and nurture an appreciation for art through our pottery programs and workshops and access to our studio, clay center and gallery.

one day adult wheel classes

“I want to add to the many thank you notes you must have received over the years. I have lived in this neighborhood for over 15 years and I am so grateful to have finally found your studio. Thank you for all the labor of love you have put into creating and maintaining this space. ” – Karlyn K.

During our 8 weeks ceramic classes our accomplished artist/instructors will demonstrate and assist you with wheel throwing, hand building, tile making and sculpting techniques as well as surface decoration and glazing. Our philosophy is to nurture individual expression: We do not give “cookie-cutter” assignments but rather encourage students to let their instructor know what they would like to achieve to develop their own original ideas and vision. Classes are built around group demonstrations followed by individualized help. Students also receive unlimited open studio access 7 days/week.

Choplet ceramic studio also offers One Day Pottery Trial and BYOB Wheel Throwing Fridays for individuals who would like hands on introduction to working with clay on the potter’s wheel. Mold making and Raku firing workshops are offered every 2-3 months. Please refer to the workshop schedule to find out when the next ones are scheduled. As a ceramic art and craft educational resource for the New York Community, Choplet studio also offers kids afterschool program, children’s pottery classes, clay camp and family ceramic classes.

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Custom classes such as birthdays, Bachelorette parties and corporate event can be organized with a minimum of 5 participants. Private pottery lessons from 1 to 4 participants can be booked to focus on your specific needs.

Gift certificates for any of the above services or for a $ amount to be applied at our ceramic school and studio are also available. Monetary value of gift certificate is valid for 5 years.

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