Raku Weekend Details

Choplet Raku Weekend Retreat in the Catskills

We are excited to announce our 2023 Raku Weekend Retreats in the Catskills. We promise you a very intense and fun experience. You can fire up to 8 of your own bisque ware, 10″ x6″x6′” max (you can bring a few more if your pieces are smaller). Over 20 glazes will be at your disposal to experiment with. Results will vary from turquoise to intense red/bronze to beautiful white crackle as well as naked raku. All the white and tan clay bodies we use in the studio (stoneware, porcelain, buff groggy clay) are compatible with this firing technique. To another exciting, creative, fulfilling and exhausting weekend!

Raku firing workshop: $390

Weekend Sleeping and eating accommodation on the compound, in Phoenicia: $125/person
Food only participation for people not sleeping at Allison’s house: $30/person


Alison will let you know where she has arranged for you to sleep.

Please bring extra Bedding and Sleeping bags if possible. You can of course choose to sleep somewhere else in the area.

Weekend and food organization:

● Arrive Friday in the late morning/early afternoon. Glaze your pieces.
● Friday dinner with pizza and salads from Brios
● Saturday in the morning: Oatmeal, granola, fruits, tea and coffee
● Raku glazing and firing all day, starting early :)!!!.
● Saturday lunch and dinner – Potluck bring a dish to share. There are a lot of serving bowls at the house. Let us know what you are bringing or ask if you’re not sure what to bring.
● Bonfire after dinner (BYOB)
● Sunday same breakfast
● Raku firing and House clean up and leisurely exodus
● Lunch eat leftovers
Any help, if available, packing out trash would be highly appreciated.

What to bring beside Pot Luck:

● Layered Cotton Fabric Clothing, No Synthetic Clothing Allowed
● Closed toe shoes
● A respirator with Color Code Olive/Magenta P100 Defender respirator cartridges from North or comparable is recommended
● Ceramic Tools and Paint Brushes
● Drinking vessel
● Extra bedding and sleeping bags


There is a bus departing NYC that brings you to Phoenicia. We will come pick you up at the station.

If some of you plan on coming with your own car, please let us know if you would be open to car pooling.


Raku firing: click here to see pictures of Raku
Accommodations in Phoenicia: click here to see picture of the property

Registration for Raku Workshop:

$150 non-refundable deposit is required to register over the phone or in person. Balance payment is due 4 weeks prior the workshop. Payment online must be made in full.