Design Consultation and Custom Fabrication

Design Consultation and Custom Fabrication

Where will your imagination take you?
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Choplet studio offers Commissioned ceramic work services. We specialize in custom made items and small production. Designers come to us to bring to life their CAD renderings and start a small line production. We also work closely with artists or any one who needs ceramic custom made items. We can help make wedding ceremony centerpieces and party favor items.

We work with architects, decorators, designers or any one with a specific project/gift in mind that requires a professional execution in clay.

Produced by Choplet Studio.


Pelle Design

Wheel thrown bowls and planters for Pelle Design
The lovely couple at Pelle Design asked Choplet studio for very exact size wheel thrown bowls and planter to be inserted in the grid of their quadrat wood lattice tables. Designer: Pelle Design. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Alexandra Petrova

Molds and casted body parts for Alexandra Petrova
Realization of several body parts molds, casted in cold porcelain, to facilitate Pasha’s realization of several sculptures in a short amount of time. Designer: Alexandra Petrova. Fabrication by Choplet Studio.

Nancy Boas

Mold and porcelain casted oysters for Nancy Boas
Realization of a mold from the oversized oyster prototype made out in wax and cast of 3 porcelain oysters. Designer: Nancy Boas. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Miscellaneous Projects

Mold and casted deviled eggs plates for Miscellaneous Projects
Realization of a plaster mold to cast deviled eggs plates in porcelain. Through this process, we are working closely with the creative duo from Miscellaneous Projects to help them conceive a slightly different version of their beautiful devil egg platter with a more efficient/ceramic friendly design. Designer: Miscellaneous Projects. Ceramic Consultant and Manufacturer: Choplet Studio.

Marie Vic


Light box prototypes for Marie Vic
Realization of 2 ceramic light box prototypes for Marie Vic upcoming show. Designer: Marie Vic. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Uri Aran / Gavin Brown’s Enterprise


Uri Aran / Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
Realization of 2 Pizza Boxes made out of white earthenware clay. Designer: Uri Aran. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Nicolas Party / Salon 94

250 oversized dinner plates for Nicolas Party / Salon 94
Choplet Studio realized 250 oversized 14″ dinner plates for Nicolas Party to paint his whimsically painted colorful abstract patterns on. The plates were used for several dinner parties. The installation of Dinner Party for 24 Dogs is on view at Salon 94 Freemans (NY) from November 11 to December 22, 2012. Designer: Nicolas Party. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Anna Karlin

Porcelain Jugs for Anna Karlin
Realization and production of 3 different sizes porcelain jugs. Designer: Anna Karlin. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Hess Restorations


Handles for Hess Restorations
Hess restorations asked us to reproduce 6 Handles identical in size and shape to the original one in the center of the image, for the restoration of an 18 century porcelain vase. We had to take in consideration the percentage shrinkage of the clay when creating the prototype. We then made a mold and produced 6 handles. Once glazed and high fired, their size matches the original one. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Paramount Overseas

Vase and Goblets for Paramount Overseas Productions
Realization of an unfired (easily breakable) coil built vase for a dramatic effect in a scene of the latest upcoming Spider man movie. Also, Paramount Overseas Productions needed a goblet for an upcoming movie referencing Moses era. We gave them a dozen to pick from. Coming in a theater near you in 2013! Designed and Produced by Choplet Studio.

Selen Design

Yoga mugs for Selen Design New York
Selen Bayrak provided us with a few sketches and inspiration images for the realization of 3 different mugs inspired by Yoga movements and the OM mantra. Designer: Selen Design. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Joe Doucet Studio

Porcelain Vases for Joe Doucet Studio
Realization of wheel thrown black and white porcelain vases with enclosed shape top for Joe Doucet studio. They are part of his Whyte Label Collection, launched at Wanted Design in Chelsea on May 13, 2011 during the New York Design Week. Designer: Joe Doucet. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Butsarin Sereeyothin

Folded Vases for Pratt Student, Butsarin Sereeyothin
Realization of 3 slab built and folded vases for Butsarin Sereeyothin, a Pratt Institute design student. We followed the instructions she provided us in her 3D computerized sketches, she got an A on her final assignment! Designer: Butsarin Sereeyothin. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Chen Chen

“Twin Vases” for industrial designer, Chen Chen
9-11 Commemorative vases, 2011. Designer: Chen Chen. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Stanley Ruiz

13 Porcelain Slip Cast Lampshades for Stanley Ruiz
Choplet studio created the molds from four traditional thailandise basquets and produced 13 porcelain slip cast lampshades for Stanley Ruiz. They will be on display in 2012 at the Vilcek Foundation in New York City, as part of Stanley Ruiz’s design installation. Designer: Stanley Ruiz. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Wangechi Mutu / Gladstone Gallery

Ceramic Installation for Wangechi Mutu / Gladstone Gallery, as part of her exhibition, “Hunt Bury Flee”, at Gladstone Gallery in Chelsea, NYC from October 30-December 18, 2010. Designer: Wangechi Mutu. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Boym Design

Espresso Set for Boym Design
Espresso cups and saucers, sugar and creamer. Production of 17 sets. Designer: Boym Design. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Eskayel Design

Tableware with Decal Firing for Eskayel Design
Wheel thrown tableware with decal firing. Designer: Eskayel Design. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Radish Moon

Toddler’s Plates with Decals for Radish Moon
Wheel thrown toddler friendly plates with decals illustrations. Designer: Sara Williams for Radish Moon. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Matt Gagnon


Light chandeliers for Matt Gagnon – 8″ high x 8″ width x 7″ deep. Designer: Matt Gagnon. Produced by Choplet Studio.

Bjarne Melgaard


Series of 3 Platters for Bjarne Melgaard
Series of 3 Wheel thrown 25″ diameter platters with sculpted platypus ordered by KB Projects LLC. for Bjarne Melgaard, as part of his exhibition, “the synthetic slut”, at Greene Naftali Gallery in Chelsea, NYC from May 14 – June 19, 2010, as well as other international venues. Designer: Bjarne Melgaard. Produced by Choplet Studio.