Firing Services During Shutdown

Firing Services During Shutdown

kiln loading and firing services

Collective Firing:
Please text 917-547-8316 to inform the studio you would like to drop off greenware or glazes bisque ware. We will let you know when is the next drop off day and open time window for contactless drop off in front of the studio. Greenware or Glazed Work should be packed in a box labeled with your name and phone number. Inside the box, include a sheet of paper containing the following information: Name, contact info, type of clay you are using, sketch or pictures of pieces inside the box and dimensions . Firing cost is 0.04 cents for studio members and 0.08 cents for non members and covers both the bisque and glaze firing. There is a minimum of 2″ in height, therefore enter 2″ for the height of your plates or tiles. We will not contact you to let you know how much your firing comes to. To calculate your firing cost multiply LxWxH, then multiply the product by 0.04 if you are currently a member of the studio or 0.08 if you are not. We will text you when your work is out of the kiln with the next contactless pick up days schedule. If you are a member of the studio, you can also request the bisque ware be placed on your shelf. We are currently able to fire greenware work in around 7 days.

Disclaimer and Refund Policy:
Please make note that we are a high fire clay studio. Low fire glaze firing requests will be accommodated in our bisque fire kiln. This means you assume the potential risk of a piece exploding in the kiln and sticking to your glazed work and released moisture that could interfere with certain low fire glazes.

Payment will be charged to your Credit Card on file when your work gets loaded in the kiln. Choplet Studio is not responsible for cracking, explosion or imperfect firing of any kind.

Kiln Rental and Loading fee:
We have several different kiln sizes to fit any size load or budget. Prices are for any Cone up to Cone 6 and for a standard firing cycle. Loading fee is $25-$60 depending on the size of the kiln and how many pieces are being loaded.

  • Kiln #1: 22 W x 22 L x 26 H
  • Kiln #2: 26 W x 26 L x 26 H
  • Kiln #3: 26 W x 26 L x 31 H
  • Kiln #4: 31 W x 41 L x 25.5 H

kiln rental and firing services

The prices indicated are for standard slow firing cycles. Any firings with special requirements such as ramp/ hold are subject to additional fees. Glaze firing greenware is prohibited. Pieces must have been bisque fired prior to glaze firing. Choplet studio is not to be hold responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, blistering, exploding or any other type of unsatisfactory result.