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Choplet Ceramic Studio combined with Williamsburg Ceramic Center offer ceramic classes and clay studio space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York City.

Our philosophy is to nurture individual expression

We do not give “cookie-cutter” assignments but rather encourage students to let their instructor know what they would like to achieve to develop their own original ideas and vision.

Classes are built around group demonstrations followed by individualized work with teachers.

See our list of classes here

Choplet Ceramic Studio and Williamsburg Ceramic Center offer different options of studio potter membership for seasoned clay artists who do not want to take classes and need a professional ceramic studio space to work in independently. Hourly and Monthly studio rental options are available.

We also provide firing and kiln rental services for outsider artists. 8 different clay bodies, porcelain and stoneware slip, glazes, mold casting plaster, and ceramic tools are available for purchase at all times.

Choplet studio offers commissioned ceramic work services. We specialize in custom-made items and small production works. Designers come to us to bring to life ideas and start small line productions. We also work closely with artists or anyone who desires custom-made items.

Choplet Gallery hosts a new sculptural and/or functional ceramic show several times a year. Please refer to our Gallery page to view the current show or browse through our studio potters and instructors’ work. We think our members are extremely talented and enjoy having them join the rank of artists who have exhibited at Choplet Gallery!

If you’d like to exhibit your work, please contact us with your portfolio at choplet.ceramics@gmail.com.

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