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How to register:
Classes’ Registrations are made online while Studio membership registrations are completed through an email process.

When can I come visit the studio, drop off work to be fired as an outsider artist or come to register for class or studio membership in person?
Please refer to the front desk hours listed on the Contact page of our website.
All programs and open studio time are subject to change or cancellation.

What form of payments are accepted?
Cash, check, Credit cards and Venmo

Where is Choplet Gallery and Ceramic Studio located?
Our studio is a combination of two storefronts. The entrance is at 238 Grand Street between Driggs and Roebling, in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Where is Williamsburg Ceramic Center located?
WCC is located on N9 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You must call (917-547-8316) and make an appointment to visit.

Can I work in the studio without taking classes?
Yes, you can register for a 2 hour Drop In time slot ($50) plus the cost of clay and firing or become a monthly Studio Potter at Choplet Studio or at Williamsburg Ceramic Center

Can I fire work at Choplet if I am not a member?
Yes, outsider artists can fire their work at Choplet for 8 cents/cubic inch per firing.

We strongly recommend that you purchase your cone 5-6 clay or slip from the studio which will ensure you can also use our glazes. We have 12 different cone 5-6 clay bodies available for purchase and maintain an inventory of 40 to 50 cone 5-6 glazes at all times. If you bring pieces made with non-studio clay, you must provide proof of purchase and exact cone reference for the clay and the glazes you intend to use. For more information, visit the Firing Services page.

Do not call us to find out if your work has been fired. We fire thousands of pieces a week and can not go search for yours.
Please come back to the studio 10 days after dropping your piece to be fired, this is generally enough time to guarantee that your piece has been fired and unloaded from the kiln. Rushed firing service (48-72 hours turn around per firing) is available for 16 cents / cubic inch per firing

How often do you fire kilns?
Every day.

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