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The Williamsburg Ceramic Center is an 1800 square foot, 24 hour access, independent clay makers studio, located on the ground floor of N9 street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2 blocks away from the Bedford Avenue L train stop and the Metropolitan Avenue G train stop. It provides a stepping stone to service the needs of seasoned independent ceramic artists who need unlimited access to a fully equipped ceramic facility, while experiencing the independence and responsibilities similar to what an individual studio will require. Artists are expected to load their own kiln, order their clay and make or purchase their glazes. A mandatory training session on how to load a bisque and a glaze kiln is required to attend, before members can start loading kilns on their own.

The ceramic studio is equipped with 8 electric wheels, 3 large Hand Building tables, a slab roller, an extruder, a state of the art glaze spray room and 6 different sizes electric kilns .There is also a dedicated mold-making/ slip casting area and access to an outdoor space members can choose to work or relax in.


1 – The Collective Studio Potter (CSP)

CSP members enjoy 24 hour access and use of all the ceramic studio facilities. They store their work on a 3′ x 1.5′ shelving unit (see picture) or on three 4′ x 2.5′ metal shelves. The monthly fee is $270-$290, depending on the shelves’ location.


2 – The Individual Station Table (IST)

IST members have 24 hours access to the collective equipment as well as their own individual table and shelving area. IST membership is a perfect solution for clay artists and designers who work on the same project for several days and for whom putting their work away at the end of their workday is not convenient.

8 Individual station tables are available.
Pricing ranges from $290 – $550. Tables have storage under and adjustable shelving above the table up to 9′ high. The $550 IST also comes with a 4′ x 2.5′ x 9′ high, metal shelving unit.

3 – The Private Studio Space (PSP)

8’x 10′ private studio spaces with a window facing the garden : $750/month


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