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We work with architects, decorators, designers or any one with a theme in mind that requires a professional execution in clay, with an original flair.


Please feel free to e-mail us here or call us at 917-547-8316.

Dexter Limited Plate Setting Edition

Limited edition of 16 plate settings created for the decorator Amy Lau and the network Showtime in partnership with Metropolitan Home Magazine. During Fall 2008, the plates were on display in the “Dexter” dining room of a Gramercy Park, New York Show House, where each couture room was inspired by a Showtime TV series.
He.ma.to.la.gnia, love of blood, plate settings travel through porcelain slabs of disembodied flesh.
ON THE MENU: The starter/dessert plate is a delectable combination of veins and broken capillaries under a layer of porcelain skin. The main course plate offers a refreshing splash of blood accompanied by the origin of the wound. The charger plate is a cross section of the human body. Please enjoy at your own digestive risk.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

Jim Franco Plates

Custom sets for Jim Franco 5 custom sets of 2 plates and three nesting bowls for photographer/food stylist Jim Franco, NYC.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

The Setting NYC/ Tanya Taylor

Tie dye inspired table ware, designed in collaboration with The Setting NYC to adorn the table of Tanya Taylor’s inspired dinner.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

Sapling Table Top Collection

Sapling Table Top Collection (left) Featuring plate settings, vase, creamer and sugar set.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

JP Teaset

Choplet Studio was asked to conceive and produce a tea set where the initials JP would come into play within the design, to celebrate the union of Julie and Patrick.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

Wood Log Cake

Nature Themed Cake Stands and Display Cake stands and sculptural displays on a Nature theme.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

Hiroko and Russell’s Wedding Cups

50 whimsical bowls made as party favors for Hiroko and Russell’s wedding.

Designer: Nadeige Choplet

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