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Choplet Ceramic Studio combined with Williamsburg Ceramic Center offer clay studio spaces in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in NYC.

Choplet Ceramic Studio and Williamsburg Ceramic Center offer different options of studio potter membership for seasoned clay artists who do not want to take classes and need a professional ceramic studio space to work in independently. Hourly and Monthly studio rental options are available.

We also provide firing and kiln rental services for outsider artists. 11 different clay body, porcelain and stoneware slip, glazes, mold casting plaster and ceramic tools are available for purchase at all time.

Choplet Ceramic School and Studio is home to 2600 square foot dedicated to the art of clay in all its form and welcomes newcomers to pottery and ceramic art as well as professional artists: 23 electric wheels indoor and 8 wheels outdoor, hand building tables, 2 extruders, 2 slab rollers, a glazing spray booth, a drying closet, 5 kilns and an amazing garden to work or relax in, are some of the amenities the studio has to offer! Our inventory consists of: 11 clay bodies, 2 casting slips, 40 – 50 glazes, various colored engobes and pottery plaster.

Williamsburg Ceramic Center is the perfect place for independent clay artists in need of a lot of storage space and 24 hours studio access. Our goal is to inspire creativity, foster self-discovery, and nurture an appreciation for art through our pottery programs and workshops and access to our studio, clay center and gallery.
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